At The Balance Health and Wellness Center, we want to help you to achieve the same alkalizing benefits that we have had. Our best-quality alkaline –ionized water will help you experience wonderful health benefits. These are some of the benefits you can look forward to with your new favorite beverage!

  • Alkaline water splits the water clusters into smaller clusters so it’s easier to absorb into your cells (better hydration).

  • Water ionization has an antioxidant effect, which helps to keep your cells and blood vessels healthy.

  • Water ionization helps the skin and organs to have a better chance to maintain their youthful appearance and functionality, because it allows them to be constantly bathed in the proper pH [& antioxidant] fluids which is what your water ionizer gives you!

  • It has been proven that cancers won’t thrive in a subject who drinks alkaline ionized water and infections and viruses are far less likely to get a foothold in a subject who drinks plenty of alkaline ionized water.

  • Water ionization improves the health of the cardio-vascular system [arteries, veins & heart]: The entire cardio-vascular system is greatly improved with anti-oxidants, which are provided in abundance by ionized water.

Getting Sick is Not Normal!

spring_waterWe used to think allergies were a “normal” condition, explained by things like genetics or environment, and that colds were caused by viruses. Since we started drinking alkaline-ionized water at The Balance Health and Wellness Center, water ionization has helped us gain a complete new understanding of what “normal” is… being healthy and full of energy all the time, and not ever getting sick [even with germs and viruses spreading all around]. Allergies and illness can be looked upon as a sign that change is needed.

So many people wait till they get cancer and other really serious diseases before they take the time and energy to make a change! Even with the best water, you won’t rid yourself of disease if you don’t also change the pH of your cells if that’s what is giving you allergies, colds, acid-reflux, obesity, acne, or other symptoms of an overly acidic body. Drinking ionized water has been the single most positive change that our work- family has made for our health.

Change your water; change your life!

Drinking ionized water is better than the best water filter because water ionization contributes the right pH and antioxidants to help you keep your cells healthy. Don’t let your cells deteriorate into a serious illness… If you have allergies or other signs of an acidic body [illness, heartburn, acid-reflux, arthritis, etc.], or if you just want to stay healthy into your senior years, then drink alkaline water.

Alkaline_healthWhat Does Alkaline-ionized Water Have to Do With Weight Loss? Alkaline-ionized water helps you to alkalize your body which helps you to lose weight. It particularly helps eliminate “plateaus” in losing weight. When you lose weight the fats that come out of your cells must go into the bloodstream to be eliminated, but sometimes your body won’t let this happen. Body fat is acidic and full of toxins. Alkaline-ionized water buffers the acids and safely promotes removal of the acids and toxins from your body. “Safety” is the key word here. Your body is not going to allow any fats or toxins to be eliminated if it perceives it as a threat. So, that’s why buffering is a must. Alkaline-ionized water provides your body with a continuous stream of buffers.

Weight loss can be a multi-faceted problem and very frustrating endeavor if you only know or apply part of the facts about effective weight management. If you are more than a little overweight, it is not a simple one-step fix. We encourage you, if you have weight problems, to educate yourself, eat right [proper food combining], focus on more raw vegetables than cooked, and exercise in addition to drinking alkaline-ionized water.

Read: The pH Miracle for Weight Loss [Balance Your Body Chemistry, Achieve Your Ideal Weight], by Dr. Robert O. Young. Here are some of the specific reasons I recommend Dr. Robert young’s book:

  • Dr. Young has expertise in analyzing the live blood of his clients. By regulating the body chemistry of his clients [eg., pH & ORP] through the change of pH and ORP of the foods [and water] consumed, he was able to see the clients’ blood change, and as the blood changed its chemistry the clients lost weight in every case.
  • Dr. Young has learned much over the years about the role of fats in the diet and he explains the subject of fat in the diet very thoroughly and yet simply. This information and the information about protein is VERY important for everyone to know, but crucial to the success of anyone on a diet plan.

We Can All Learn Something From The Fish!

Imagine the fish that live in this beautiful pool of water. They are happy and healthy, because they are living in a pool of water that’s constantly being cleaned and refreshed. Now think of the cells in your body. Your body is over 70% water. That literally means your cells are being bathed in water. If you drink nice, filtered, fresh alkaline-ionized water every day, it’s like giving your cells the healthy advantage that the fish who live in this pool of water have. If you’ve ever cared for fish in a tank or bowl, you’ll know how sensitive they are to unclean, chlorinated water that’s not at the right pH. The fish are so sensitive to the right water that they’ll die if you put or keep them in the wrong water.

Your cells are sensitive too, and the way we see the cell reaction to the wrong water is through sickness, allergies, disease, wrinkles, arthritis, cancer, osteoporosis, failing organs, and so on. Now on top of that, add junk-food diets, filled with coffee, soda, etc. and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

It has been discovered that a diseased organ is an acidic one.

Many researchers are now claiming that cancer is not a disease, but is the body’s response to an acidic body. There are many conditions that are not what they appear to be, such as allergies, colds, infections, obesity, arthritis, lack of energy, and the list goes on! We are spreading the word about this wonderful water to everyone we can!


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Water For Pets

Your animals, like dogs and cats, will also experience the health benefits of drinking alkaline ionized water. Like the human body, mammals also prosper from getting better hydration.