Thermography Benefits


Thermography is a Holistic Non-Invasive, Non-toxic, whole body assessment for men and women to detect causes of disease, inflammation and other imbalances. There is NO Radiation involved in Thermography testing.

Thermography evaluates the whole body physiology of the organs, glands, and lymphatic system recognizing over 40 patterns of diseases that effect overall health including Breast Health, Prostate Health,  and Dental Health.

The Balance Health and Wellness Center uses the most advanced technology available to perform Thermography diagnostics – The AlfaSight 9000. The AlfaSight 9000 is the only Thermography Unit cleared by the FDA.

Thermography is a proven accurate technology that will not compromise health. Supported by leaders in Radiology, it has been used in addition to Mammography and other widely used imaging devices, dramatically improving the accuracy and early detection of routine testing for a wide range of diseases and health conditions.